We ar e a learning science company bringing over 35 years of extensive experience in education, including curriculum design, courseware development, large-scale research and evaluation projects, assessment writing and validation, research design and consulting. We have produced educational products for myriad types of learners and contexts, including K-16, vocational and technical education, corporate training and talent development. 

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Julia is the co-founder of To Eleven. She has a Ph.D in Education from UCLA and spent much of her career as a research and learning scientist at UCLA as well as consulting and advising for school districts, philanthropic organizations, academic publishing, ed tech, corporate training, and government agencies.


Julia co-founded To Eleven to utilize knowledge of how learning works to shape the design and development of meaningful and engaging learning experiences for learners of all ages. 


We welcome projects through which we can implement evidence-based best practices to solve meaningful problems. We understand organizations have different levels of experience with evidence-based learning approaches and can adjust our strategy accordingly. We can lead the way, or help execute existing plans with minimal guidance.


By asking the right questions, we can understand problems you are trying to solve, and apply learning science to help find solutions.


Julia lives in Los Angeles, CA can be reached at juliaphelan@to11solutions.com or at 310-567-1308.

You can read more of Julia's work at: https://juliaphelan.medium.com/

To Eleven offers a unique vantage point that comes from broad experience developing educational content for diverse audiences.