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Don't Break the Chain!

A friend of mine follows the advice of Jerry Seinfeld mentioned in this piece to motivate himself to workout. If he has worked out for a certain number of days in a row, he doesn’t want to not workout as he will “break the chain”.

Just as Jerry Seinfeld realized the only way to become a better comedian is to write better jokes, and the only way to write better jokes is to write every day, so my friend knew the only way to improve his fitness was to keep the chain growing longer and longer, and do some form of work out as many days in a row as he could.

Doing anything consistently can increase our capacity as well as our ability and ultimately our success.

Why? Learning anything and developing expertise takes focused, goal oriented practice. It takes effort. It takes reaching beyond your current level of performance. It takes breaking tasks into manageable components and practicing each with intentional until a new level of routine competency is achieved. It takes listening and responding to feedback.

And it takes consistency.

“Because, over time, effort always breeds skill and experience.”

What are ways that you have seen success by making consistency your “competitive advantage”?

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