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How to Remember Names: Some Tips from the Memory Champs

At a school interview with my eldest son, several years ago, the interviewer introduced himself to me. "I'm Jay" he said.

"Oh Jay, nice to meet you! My husband's name is Jay!" I responded.

Jay took my son off to have a chat, while I had a tour of the school.

When the tour was over, I was ushered back to the office where Sam was wrapping up his interview with.....I couldn't remember his name for the life of me!

"Thank you for taking time to talk to Sam," I said."I'm sorry, but I forget your name...."

With a look which verged on an eye roll, he said: "Jay. Like your husband."

This type of thing happens all the time. Why? Because when we're in a heightened state of stress, or are distracted, or nervous, we can't devote our limited brain capacity to remembering new information. Especially if we don't rehearse and process it in a deeper way.

The influence and impact of extraneous cognitive load is everywhere!

Some good tips here on how to avoid my embarrassment at forgetting Jay's name! And which can help you learn all sorts of other things too :)

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