Learning Engineering, Course Development, Instructional Design Support, and Consulting Services

We are passionate about helping people learn, knowledgeable about educational technology and learning science, and experienced in designing educational experiences with proven outcomes.

What We Do

Content Development & Learning Design

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Create engaging, interactive, customized, evidence based learning solutions.


Transform and improve your existing in-person or online training into interactive online, or blended learning experiences.


Learning experiences can include interactive elements, motion graphics, gamification, audio, and video.

consulting & Advising

Guidance on learning experience design and implementation as well as assistance in developing a comprehensive learning strategy.


Learning science training for your curriculum and software developers and training team to increase knowledge and capacity within your organization. 

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Designing Efficacy Studies & Measuring Outcomes

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Do you want to know if your intervention or educational product is working in the way you intended?

When we evaluate a product, program or course of instruction to see if it’s working we explore:

  • Has a new product, innovation, or program has been designed with learning science in mind?

  • Is there valid, reliable data to show that something is better than what came before? Or that it addresses the stated goal for which it was designed? And if the answer is no, what are the next steps?

  • How is data being used to improve the experiences of the stakeholders?

  • If something is working, how can it effectively be scaled up?

Good learning design requires us to know how learning works AND how to apply those principles in particular contexts.